You may not know this but as a member of the HWPA you are entitled to seek support from Racing Welfare should you need it.

This is a fantastic news that support is out there should you need it.

Racing Welfare is the only charity that supports everyone working in racing and as a member of the HWPA, you are fully eligible to access help from the charity.

Racing Welfare provides a wide range of advice and guidance services, all of which are completely confidential and non-judgmental.  Support is available for a wide range of life’s challenges, including physical and mental health, bereavement, careers advice, housing, money advice, illness, addiction, relationships and retirement.

The charity understands that journalists often work in a fast-paced, highly pressured working environment and as such, all of Racing Welfare’s services are accessible 24hrs a day via Racing’s Support Line, or online at

Furthermore, the charity’s team of front line welfare officers cover the whole of the country, with offices in all of the main racing centres and roving officers in Scotland, Wales, Epsom and the South West of England.

Racing Welfare administers Racing’s Occupational Health Service, enabling access to occupational health professions and paying for treatment where it is needed; and the Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS), which supports professional development and provides training opportunities for people working in racing.  It also facilitates free access to a range of specialist services including counselling (face-to-face, telephone and online) and addiction support.

The charity owns 155 units of accommodation across the UK, with a focus on providing housing for young people working in racing and those who have retired from the industry which are managed by its housing arm, Racing Homes.

For more information on Racing Welfare visit the website at

Racing’s Support Line: 0800 6300 443

Online self-help resources: