Photographers’ Information for the
Resumption of Racing Behind Closed Doors

At all stages during the thought process for the way in which racecourse photography will work when racing resumes behind closed doors, the HWPA, RCA and BHA have been in regularly consultation.

We have kept photographers as up to date as possible as suggested guidelines have changed.

This document is intended to provide transparency on the process adopted to arrive at our solution.

Throughout the process, our priority has been to arrive at a solution aimed at minimising financial loss through lack of work, and that all photographers would have the ability to fulfil existing contracts.

To avoid misinformation, we ask that you do not listen to advice from people other than the HWPA, RCA and BHA due to many people interpreting the guidelines in their own way.

We also ask that photographers adopt a sense of teamwork for the time being in order to get through these unprecedented times.

How the decision was made as to who will be press photographers covering British racing behind closed doors

Following video calls with the BHA and RCA on the week beginning 18th May, the HWPA committee were advised that the BHA would only be allowing course photographers (deemed racecourse staff) and 10 press photographers (essential workers) who would be selected to cover every meeting on the updated fixture list from racing’s resumption on 1st June.

Whilst it is regrettable that all photographers cannot be given the ability to go racing, these are extreme circumstances and we must work with the BHA to safeguard the wellbeing of racing’s participants and the wider community.

It was decided, in conjunction with the BHA and RCA, that the best way in which to fairly put together a list of 10 press photographers was to give all photographers the option to ‘nominate’ 10 photographers who they thought would be best suited to the job. We then compiled the list and worked out the 10 most mentioned.

These photographers were contacted to ensure that they were happy to be included in the pool of photographers. We hoped that this compiled list by the photographers would not be based on popularity and instead on their professionalism and ability to carry out the job at hand.

We apologise sincerely if anybody was not contacted about their nominated photographers as we did not have access to a full list of contact details on the RCA database due to GDPR regulations.

The 10 photographers selected are:

  • Alan Crowhurst
  • Edward Whitaker
  • Dan Abraham
  • Mark Cranham
  • Bill Selwyn
  • George Selwyn
  • Francesca Altoft
  • David Davies
  • Hugh Routledge
  • Steve Davies

The photographers who make up the pool have agreed that their photos will be shared amongst those wishing to have access in order to complete their own work.

Who attends which day’s racing will be decided based on a rota system in accordance with the BHA guidelines on any testing/isolation periods, as well as being looked at regionally where possible.

Our intention is to have a press photographer as well as a course photographer at all race meetings.