The HWPA is pleased to announce the shortlists for the Derby Awards that recognise the work of our members. They are listed here, along with the judges’ citations.

Voting has now closed and the awards take place on Monday December 5th.

Racing Writer of the Year – Clive Graham Trophy

Bill Barber
Takes a heavy subject and leavens it superbly over the course of three articles, the craft in the writing bringing clarity for the general reader

Chris Cook
An entry which displays great range, including an original Lambourn profile and a superbly marshalled verbatim account of Grand National day protests

Peter Thomas
Well researched profiles that do their subjects justice, finely crafted writing which manages to bring variety to what otherwise might be similar pieces

Greg Wood
Outstanding journalism, all articles developed from an interesting angle, employing a lot of research and imagination

Reporter of the Year – John Oaksey Trophy

Bill Barber
Displays expert knowledge in a balanced piece covering all the significant angles of one of the biggest stories of recent years

Jonathan Harding
Outstanding reporting on one of the key stories of the year, the piece well crafted and executed

Callum Jamieson
A powerful piece on a big racing day for their paper, the first of many exclusives which set the ball rolling on this story

Nick Luck
Reacts brilliantly to breaking news, takes the story forward immediately with an interview with a key player, the questioning pertinent and probing

Photographer of the Year

Steve Cargill
A perfectly balanced portfolio showing a deep understanding of racing and the equine world, all done with style, elegance and wit

Patrick McCann
Great range of subjects across the portfolio – a stunning race portrait that says it all, split-second perfect take-off shot from the remote and an atmospheric winter scene

Tracy Roberts
A great celebration, backed up with a beautiful equine portrait, classic hurdle and very nicely observed studies of riders and mounts at a more leisurely pace

Edward Whitaker
A strong emphasis on action across the disciplines including an unusual mid-air take-off, an artistic driving finish and a great quick-reaction headlong spill as it all comes apart

Picture of the Year

Tim Goode
A quiet moment on the gallops captured with perfect timing and use of light – a work of art

Patrick McCann
A magnificent, pin-sharp evocation of grit, guts, stamina and sheer determination, perfectly framed

Tracy Roberts
The ultimate celebration shot capturing forever the moment of triumph, position, timing, lens and exposure all marshalled to great effect

Dave Shopland
Technically excellent portrait taken in less than perfect conditions, skill and timing required to balance the subjects in harmony

Emerging Talent – Alan Lee Trophy

Alex Fussey
Brings a relaxed but well paced style, rising perfectly to a crescendo, to descriptive commentaries which avoid the trap of predicting what is going to happen

Liam Headd
Professionally crafted pieces, well told, which capture the essence of the story, the Sexton piece especially good

Megan Nicholls
Entry captures the range of her work, her style relaxed with good delivery, displaying the confidence to hold her own against strong personalities

Maddy Playle
Has an easily readable style, her copy interesting and snappy, the Goodwood piece, full of anecdotes, a fine piece of writing

James Stevens
A good selection of work, the David Brace article particularly well written, and brings an informal, chatty style to a tricky role in the YouTube clip

Kitty Trice
Does a fine job in making a difficult subject accessible for the general reader, her work well researched, the Byerley Turk article in particular striking a chord

Specialist Writer of the Year

Ian Carnaby
Vivid writing with a touch of humour and a style that almost doesn’t exist any more, informative and entertaining

Lydia Hislop
Extremely well crafted pieces by someone who clearly cares deeply about the sport, the reasoning sound and analysis forensic

Simon Milham
Enjoyable articles with a good choice of subject matter, the Frankie Dettori piece very good, even more so considering when it was written

Lee Mottershead
Well researched, well written and entertaining features by someone totally in control of their material